New and Improved and All That…

Welcome to the new version 2.0 of the blog… um.. well probably version some-teen, really. Wait… version 2.0? Allen you do know this is 2016 and not 2006? Yeah ok… I know saying “version 2.0” of something is old but so am I. What do you want? “Version lit, fam, squad”?  Actually… I kinda like the sound of that. Welcome to AllenArmstrong.com Lit Edition. Nice!

What to expect?

So what’s so new and improved and wonderful about this new version? Well hopefully this will now be a sorta personal blog rather than just a showcase website. I plan on journaling my thoughts and opinions on things, bringing the latest news on stuff, sharing my knowledge on things and ranting about others. Yeah… this is going to be fun.


Word of warning, when I rant, I’ll just try to keep things generalized and not try to attack anyone directly or specific. Just things in general that annoy me and hopefully you too. Oh and I’ll probably curse like a drunken sailor too. Yah!

So stick around and let’s see where we go with this thing. I don’t know if anyone still uses RSS feed readers anymore, but if you do, subscribe. Maybe use an app like Feedly or Flipboard and add me there. Or you can just follow me on social media… links to my twitter and intstagram are under the social icon in the top left corner… over there /me points in that direction!

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